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Saturday, May 19, 2007

10 Mistakes Graduate Students Should Avoid:

Mistake #1: Failing to Present Your Work to the Public During Graduate School

Let's face it: mistakes are a part of life. We all make them. The good news is that we can learn from our mistakes. The better news is that we can learn just as much – if not more! – from the mistakes of others.

Take heed, learned students! Following are some of the most common mistakes that graduate students make. Make note of them, and be sure to avoid the same pitfalls yourself.

Presenting your work to the public is an important part of the graduate school process and experience. It's critical that you take advantage of the many opportunities that exist in this thriving scholastic environment to present and publish your work. Graduate school is replete with opportunities to begin building a solid academic reputation. Take advantage of them! Read on.


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