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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10 Mistakes Graduate Students Should Avoid Cont.

Mistake #8: Looking for a Friend When You Need an Expert

I get plenty of emails asking me what to do if the advisor is not an expert in the student’s academic field, is unfamiliar with the student’s topic or the student does not get along with the advisor.

Success in graduate school often depends on a successful mentoring relationship between you and your advisor. Because graduate school is based on the apprenticeship model, admittance to a graduate school ideally will mean that there are potential advisors available in the student’s areas of interest. Hopefully you did your homework of trying to match your area of interest with department faculty’s area of expertise before applying to graduate school.

Choosing a good advisor is critical to your success in graduate school. This relationship is one that will extend beyond your graduation. It is important that you choose correctly. Read the Entire Article.

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