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Friday, April 24, 2009

TADA! Summer Dissertation Writing Group

Are you tired of writing alone? Do you think no one cares if you finish your dissertation? Are you almost, but not quite, finished with your thesis or dissertation? Even if you are working on your Quals or prelims you can post your progress here.

Many of the students who participated in TADA! Thesis and Dissertation Challenges previous have already graduated. Who's next? Is it your turn to graduate and get those letters after your name? M.A., M.S., Ph.D.?

Don't wait until the summer gets here to start post, you can begin today.

Post can your daily, weekly, or monthly progress here. Posting to a daily or weekly blog keeps you honest and accountable to the group.

This Blog is created for those who have previously participated in the Dissertation House and or TADA Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished Challenges or for those who want the public/weekly accountability. If you post, I will publish.

Here's How to begin

1. Setting up your FREE Google account at
2. Logging in to the blog
3. Clicking on "Comments" below and posting the answers to these questions:
  • What will you work on?
  • How much time will you spend daily working on it?
  • Tell us how much progress you are making, or problems you are having.
  • At the end of everyday plan what you want to accomplish the following day