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Have You Checked Your Campus Library?


The following questions and answers are taken from the Q & A section of FinishLine, the monthly newsletter written by Dr. Wendy Carter for graduate students with a thesis or dissertation to write.


Dear Dr. Carter,

Should I get a copy of or sample graduate thesis to compare because i have failed to begin my thesis?


Your campus library or your department's library should have thesis examples for you to review. The only problem is that you cannot check them out of the library. Some college/universities have sample theses available online.

I suggest you search online using the phrases "Sample theses" or "Sample thesis proposals". Then look for samples of thesis proposals at your university.

Best of luck.
Dr. Carter


How come TA-DA! doesn't provide a Thesis Template or Dissertation Template?


We designed TA-DA! for any university or academic discipline. We don't provide a template because the formatting requirements for each university vary and vary sometimes across disciplines with respect to margins, font size,  table of contents, appendices, list of figures, tables, graphs etc..

While some universities offer a preformatted template which can be downloaded, others just offer specific written instructions for you to create your own template.  These are documents intended to assist students in completing their Thesis or Dissertation at your university.

If your university offers a template the templates come pre-formatted to Graduate School standards. You should consult the Template Instructions for help with using the Template. Sometimes there are different versions of the Template for Theses and for Dissertations.


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